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Fun Baby Shower Games

bingo game cover

Printable Baby Shower Games

Play Baby Gift Bingo while presents are opened, so the mom-to-be can relax while opening gifts! Free printable cards included. Up to 80 different cards with cute gift ideas!
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Baby Shower Favors

Baby shower favors are a sweet way to honor mom-to-be. What a great way for your guests the remember the party long after the little one arrives. Favors should also be used to add to the party decor – whatever the theme may be. The best baby shower favors will be useful as well – there’s no point spending any money if the gift will end up in the garbage.

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free baby shower games
FREE & Fun Baby Shower Games

Whether you’ve thrown lots of baby showers or are planning your first, this is a great resource for FREE baby shower games! I’ve left out the horrible games (Guess Mom’s Girth = NO!) & only included the fun ones. Be sure to check them out for baby shower idea inspiration!

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Coed Baby Shower Games – Great Games for the Men!
Planning a couples or coed baby shower? Make sure to include at least one game with men in mind, so they have fun too. Warning: these games can be messy, so let the ladies sit back and enjoy watching the men mildly embarrass themselves in the name of friendly competition!

Fun Baby Shower Games

Top 10 FUNNY Baby Shower Games
These baby shower games will make sure people are talking about your shower for long after the baby is born. The games are not expensive either – most you can play with items you have in the house already! Be warned – you might have your mom-to-be laughing so hard she she’ll pee!

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Awesome Baby Shower Gifts

You won’t find these on the typical baby shower registry, but they are all GREAT choices. Cute & sweet or practical & long-lasting, these are based on lessons I learned myself (good & bad!). Building memories or solving parenting nightmares – you will find it here!
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Baby Shower Game Prizes

If you keep your spending on the baby shower games to a minimum, you can use your budget toward the prizes! These baby shower game prizes are based on the theme of the game using the list of FREE baby shower games described above.

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Top 5 Items to Exclude from your Baby Registry Checklist

Preparing your baby registry list? Looking for a baby shower gift? Take a break & check out these crazy Amazon products for a quick laugh. Yes, these are all really available to add to your Baby Registry Checklist on! If you see any of these on a friend’s baby registry list, you will want start coming up with excuses now to avoid the baby shower.

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worst amazon products

Worst Products for Your Child

Yes, these products are really for sale on Amazon. These kid products will get you some strange looks if you’re caught with them in your house. Worse yet, you should only give any of these as gifts to a parent or parent-to-be if you are hoping never to be invited over to see their kids again.

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