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School Supply List

School Supply List

Make back to school shopping easier than ever with this pre-set school supply list. Here you will find the basic school supply lists for elementary, middle or high school.

School Supply List Online


12 – # 2 Pencils
24 – Crayons
2 – Glue Sticks
1 – Box of Tissues
1 – Pink Eraser
8 – Broad Tip Markers
1 – Pair of Fiskar Scissors
1 – Pencil Case
1 – Wide-Ruled Spiral Bound Notebook
3 – Pocket Folders

For the Elementary School Supply List

For the Middle School Supply List

For the High School Supply List

Consult the child’s class for exact requirements, but this list should get you most of the way there, saving you time & money!

TOP Money Saving TIPS 1-2-3

  1. Stock up when items are cheap or on sale. You will need extras during the years & will pay full price if you buy last minute.
  2. Shop during your state’s TAX FREE weekend for school supplies.
  3. Buy online – you can find better deals than in stores, it’s easier to compare prices & there are more choices. Many sites offer shipping & returns are easy.