Best Coed Baby Shower Games

Planning a coed baby shower? Make sure to include at least one game with men in mind, so they have fun too. Sometimes you need a good game or two to break the ice.

Warning: these games can be messy, so let the ladies sit back and enjoy watching the men mildly embarrass themselves in the name of friendly competition!

baby shower game
The games are not expensive either – most you can play with items you have in the house already!

Below are your Top Coed Baby Shower Games – starting with the most tame and ending with the most outrageous!

Baby Shower Scattergories

You Will Need: Pen & paper for each guest to record their answers. The Adults Only! version is probably the best for a coed shower, but you can choose from 5 Baby Shower Scattegories versions (all FREE) & print 1 page for each guest: Baby (gender neutral)Baby BoyBaby GirlTwinsAdults Only!

Play The Game: For each round players need to come up with 1 answer for each category down the list & the answers must all start with the assigned letter without using the same word twice. Answers need to be original to get points – if 2 players have the same word for the same category, they both must cross out their answers. Suspicious answers? Vote to decide if the word is acceptable! After each category is reviewed & duplicate answers are crossed off, players count the number of words left on their answer sheet for that round & play continues with the next letter. The winner has the most total points at the end of all rounds.

Feeding Time

You Will Need: Small spoons, small jars of applesauce, large bibs and 2 blindfolds

Play The Game: Give a small spoon and large bib to each person and have them get into teams of two. Each person feeds their teammate a spoon of the applesauce – but while both teammates are blindfolded! You’ll want to play this game one team at a time so (1) you can time the teams to see who is the fastest and (2) everyone can watch the messy action!

Chug the (Baby) Bottle!

You Will Need: A baby bottle for each guest (if you don’t already have them, borrow them from a friend, or if you have to buy them, give them to the mom-to-be after the shower)

Play The Game: Decide on the contents of the baby bottles (ideas: milk, apple juice, beer!), fill them up, hand them out, count to three, and see who can down their bottle first.

Diaper Change

You Will Need: 1 roll of toilet paper per person

Play The Game: Split the group into teams and give them 5 minutes to “diaper” one of the team members using the toilet paper. Best diaper wins!

Bobbing for Nipples

You Will Need: Buckets of water with baby bottle nipples or pacifiers in each

Play The Game: Line up guests in front of the buckets and set the clock for 2 minutes. Without using their hands, see how many nipples each person can recover before time is up. For a coed shower, put the men to the test with this game.

Dirty Diapers

You Will Need: Variety of chocolate bars (ideas: chunky/nutty, dark/light, caramel/peanut butter), a few newborn diapers (the rest of the pack can be given to the pregnant mom after the shower)

Play The Game: Melt a few different types of chocolate bars & spread one flavor of “poo” inside each diaper. Your guests have to identify the brand or flavor of chocolate bar by smelling or tasting the “number 2”!


by Saira Perl on Google